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Nordmed Institut

Višegradska 6,


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Your health is in good hands.

The Nordmed Institute works in the area of the quantum (Bioresonant) diagnostics and therapy, designed to study innovative methods in the field of quantum biotechnology and improving people's health. The main course and trend of our work is the study of the "quantum anatomy" of man as a part of integration of ancient knowledge of Eastern medicine and modern scientific knowledge and approaches using modern technology of quantum (Bioresonance) medicine, a microscope with a dark field - Darkfield Microscope, Bioptron lamp, RIKTA laser, electromagnetic and infrared therapy.

We work with patients from all over Europe. We use state-of-the-art equipment with high expertise, which is necessary in order for quantum methods to be accepted as much as possible in medical practice in Serbia and the region. In addition, we participate in important international meetings devoted to development not only quantum medicine, but also the application of new technologies in the medical practice of the 21st century.


Permanent members of our team are:

Dr. Nasuf Maznikar

Dr. Vladan Nastanović

Dr. Marko Vidnjevič

Ana Vidlanović, SND

Ivana Lapadatović, RNS

General Manager: Uroš Ilić, MBA


  In addition to the permanent members of our team, NordMed Institute cooperates with a number of experts in various fields, from Serbia, Slovenia, Austria and Russia:

Prof. Dr. Vladimir Yorga

Dr. Biljana Lučić

Dr. Boštjan Šimunič

Dr. Jani Muha

Jure Urbanc

Jure Jemec

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