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What is bioresonance?

Bioresonant diagnosis and treatment is an increasingly common choice of people who want a non-invasive, painless way of maintaining the optimum health status of the body. About Bioresonance itself  we often hear only from the stories of our neighbors, from their experiences or through the information circulated by oral transmission. So we will try to give an objective view of what the Bioresonance is and what it can do.

In the word Bioresonance we find two notions: "bio" – that refers to a living organism and "resonance" - vibrate in harmony with something. Everything around us, everything in the universe as we know it and which is now available to us theoretically, mentally or as a picture, has its own vibration, and therefore a certain frequency of motion. It is part of the bioelectric characteristics specific for certain types and junctures. It is precisely for this reason that Bioresonance is the field of energy medicine.


Scientists from Russia, the United States, Japan, Russia and Germany, from various fields of science, especially in the field of biophysics and quantum mechanics, had come to understanding what frequencies are characteristic of certain organs, tissues and cells in a healthy organism, and those that carry certain (pathogenic) microorganisms, chemicals, toxins and others. After entering toxic substances into the human body, the body cells begin to understand, that is, they take the frequency of the (vibrating) movement of that toxin. This happens for very simple reasons - because all the cells in the body constantly communicate with each other, or exchange information (resonance) of a certain frequency, or certain bioelectric characteristics. In this way, all the processes in the organism take place and whole organism achieves a balance and a healthy state. However, in the above case, when the toxin enters the body, this balance is disturbed, and as a result there are health problems, with the possibility of developing certain diseases after a while.


What is bioresonant diagnostics?

This type of diagnostics is beneficial to us so because it makes it possible to, in a holistic way, look at the organism as a whole, to determine where an imbalance in the body is, and where is the cause of the problem with which a person comes. The most common problems we face in recent years are: problems with hormonal disorders; digestive disorders - bloating, constipation; difficult to regulate body weight; skin problems - rash, itching; chronic fatigue; nervousness; headache, etc.

One of the most modern methods of Bioresonance is energy-information diagnostics, which has been perfected in the research of electromagnetic fields of living organisms. Such diagnostics are carried out using different devices. One of the most commonly used devices are Sensitive Imago 530 and Bicom. Sensitive Imago 530  functions in this way: the person who is seated, holds right and left hand on the metal plate, the earphones are putted on the had (through them the information is given to the body, through the high frequencies, what tissues or organs are currently analyzed).

The device is connected to a computer that records scan data. Scanning takes between 30 and 60 minutes, depending on the details of the scan, and then follows the analysis done by the doctor. The analysis is provided by an extremely complex and sophisticated computer program that has a very large base of reference values ​​(frequencies) for all tissues, organs, microorganisms, toxins, pollen, food, additives and the rest, as well as the possibility of their comparison with the data obtained by scanning.


What is bioresonant treatment?

Bioresonant treatment can be carried out on the same device where the diagnostics is done. This means that we send out the correct frequency to certain tissues in the body, that is, in some way we "remind" them which frequency brings them into a state of balance or health. In technical terms, the treatment is carried out in similar way as examination, only with different instructions given by the computer to the Bioresonant device. Treatments are carried out every two to three days. For the same tissues, six to ten treatments can be operated in one series, followed by a pause. With all other instructions (about nutrition and the rest), this form of treatment is used as an additional help in order for client to solve his or her problems as soon as possible.


The special significance of Bioresonant treatment is when it is used as an aid in the detoxification of the organism. With a previous overview and after a person begins to apply nutrition and supplementation instructions, Bioresonant treatment helps the toxin excretion process because it supports healthy, balanced function of the kidneys, liver, intestines, skin and lungs. In such cases, high-quality nutritional natural and herbal-based supplements are always recommended, which help tissue cleansing.


Are these devices medically certified?

This method has been clinically and scientifically tested on a large number of patients worldwide. Today, many therapists (mostly doctors, homeopaths, nutritionists) are using this method, and on one occasion in Brussels it received a high international recognition of EUREKA for innovations in the field of medicine. This modern method combines the knowledge and experience of Western and ancient Eastern medicine with the most up-to-date knowledge and achievements of biophysics and electronics. It can be applied in almost all branches of medicine, reducing the time of reaching true diagnosis and treatment.

Sensitive Imago is certified and approved for use in the European Union as a medical device, in accordance with "Act 93/42 / EEC, Annex IX rule 9 rule 10". In addition, the manufacturer has a quality certificate according to ISO standards, as well as a certificate of quality according to the Russian GOST standard for medical equipment. The device won the gold plaque at the 2009 world technological innovation competition.


What instructions should be followed before examination?

In order to get the exact results we need to follow certain instructions:

  1. Client should come to the appointment (as much as possible) in a calm state, without rush. It is desirable to rest for about 5-10 minutes directly before scanning. Therefore, please do not be late to appointed examination.

  2. At least 24 hours prior to examination, it is not recommended to take strong chemicals (analgesics, diuretics, antidepressants, etc.). It is obligatory to mention the use of the medicine.

  3. Coffee and black tea should not be consumed about 2 hours before the diagnostic examination, alcohol and energy drinks for 12 hours. Taking food should be limited to a light meal at least 2 hours prior to examination.

  4. You should not smoke at least 40 minutes before the examination.

  5. Cosmetics, creams, deodorants, perfumes, etc. should not be used intensively on the day of examination because these agents can affect the wrong picture of the state of the organs and the system (e.g., possible distorted diagnosis of allergy to cosmetics, etc.).

  6. The phone CAN`T be used in the diagnostic process itself. It's best to take off your watch and jewelry and metals of any kind from your body.


Following all these rules will help our specialist to diagnose and find the exact cause of your symptoms and recommend the most effective treatment.

Bioptron treatment


Bioptron light treatment can be used as a complementary treatment for certain conditions. Bioptron light treatment can be used as a complementary treatment in:

  • the promotion of wound healing in the following situations: Wounds after a trauma (injuries); Burns; Wounds after operations; Leg ulcers; Decubitus (pressure sores)

  • the relief of pain or decrease in its intensity; Rheumatology (osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, arthrosis); Physiotherapy (low back pain, shoulder and neck pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, scar tissue); Sports medicine soft tissue injuries of muscles, tendons and ligaments like: muscle spasm, sprains, strains, contusions, ligament and muscle tears, tendonitis, tennis elbow)

  • dermatological disorders and skin problems (Acne, Atopic dermatitis (eczema), Psoriasis, Herpes simplex, Herpes zoster, Superficial bacterial infections, Mucosal lesions)

  • paediatrics (Paediatric dermal lesions, Allergic respiratory diseases, Upper respiratory tract infections, Musculoskeletal and neurological disorders and deficits)

  • Seasonal Affective Disorders (Chronic fatigue syndrome, Lowered motivation, Increased need for sleep)


Dark Field Microscopy (or Live Blood Analysis)

Darkfield Microscopy or Live Blood Analysis is a way of studying live whole blood cells under a specially adapted microscope that projects the dynamic image onto a video screen. This allows you to view your inner terrain. Digestive, eliminative and immune functions can be assessed as well as the presence of bacteria and other micro-organisms.

The darkfield microscopic examination of the freshly taken live blood is one of the most important examinations of the holistic medicine. It enables us to view the inner terrain (milieu) and to examine the functions of the red blood cells. It also shows the evolutionary stages of the smallest proteins (endobionts) which are found in every human body. We are also able to see any developed structures such as bacteria, virus and fungus. The darkfield examination shows the state of the blood cells, endobionts and the plasma in a functional and structural way, making bacterial processes and fungal pre-stages in the blood clearly visible.

The darkfield examination is most suitable for the evaluation of chronic diseases; for children who are prone to infections; for recurrent bacterial problems; for candida and other fungal problems and also to answer questions concerning chronic problems of toxicity (e.g. amalgam disturbances).

Using a very fine needle, a drop of blood is taken from the finger and directly placed on a glass slide. Without fixation or colouring, the blood is examined right after taking it through a special darkfield microscope with up to 100x enlargement. You can follow the process via video or Computer screen. The blood can be examined again several hours after taking the sample. This procedure informs us about the speed of degeneration of the cells (shows cell resilience, the immune system and the degenerative tendency)

Infrared, laser and magnetic field treatment


Unlike many other therapeutic laser devices quantum treatment apparatus RIKTA have multiple factor effect on a person which is achieved due to the fact that alongside with laser radiation RIKTA provides simultaneous penetrative impact of coherent and incoherent light fluxes of blue, infrared and red spectrum on the organism in combination with the impact provided by a static magnetic field. Succession of impact of different modes of radiation is organized in such a manner that the succeeding radiation intensifies the preceding.

The RIKTA apparatus are supported by a number of patents. The trademark is registered in Russia and in some other countries. RIKTA is certified and officially permitted to be applied in the EU countries, the USA, Canada, Israel and many other countries.

The RIKTA devices help to set up and maintain a healthy constitution:

  • They stimulate immune system

  • Improve blood circulation

  • Stimulate sell growth and metabolism

  • Promote tissue regeneration

  • Have pain relieving effect

  • Have anti-inflammatory effect

The super-pulsed coherent laser radiation penetrates deep (12 -13 cm) into the tissue and has a powerful stimulating impact on the blood circulation, membrane and intracellular metabolism, activates neurohumoral factors, immunocompetent systems and regulates the endocrine system. In the applicable range (mentioned above) biological tissues are the most transparent optically. Under the influence of the low intensive radiation, cellular membrane and intracellular formation changes occur, resulting in an increase in the activation of substance transfer through the membrane and amplification of the basic bio-energetic conditions. The radiation also initiates a cascade of non-specific regulatory responses which have apparent regenerative, trophic, anaesthetic and antiphlogistic effects.

The pulsing incoherent infrared radiation having a smaller penetrating ability and wider spectral band in comparison with the laser one influences different reflexogenic zones and has a powerful harmonizing influence upon the tone of the central and vegetative nervous systems.

The pulsing red light penetrating into a rather more shallow depth than the infrared radiation provides the beneficial effect of decreasing the intensity of inflammatory processes especially for porous tissues, for example in joint regions.

The fixed magnetic field is designed to create an energetic barrier to the harmful influence of the environment including the weather factors. The magnetic field also keeps ionized tissue molecules in a dissociated state which raises energy on the molecular and cellular level. Acting as one of the healing factors of the quantum emission, the magnetic field contributes to the increase of the penetrability of the laser radiation. This allows a decrease of the radiation dose which would be required if the laser monotherapy was used on its own to achieve the same effect.



An EKG records the heart’s own electrical impulses to create an electrocardiograph, a reading that helps physicians learn more about the heart. The procedure itself is called an electrocardiogram. Since the machine simply uses the heart’s natural electricity to record data, the procedure is completely noninvasive. The machine and the procedure are both fairly simple, but they have had huge implications for the field of cardiology.

An electrocardiogram does the following:

  • determines the rate and regularity of heartbeats

  • measures the size and positioning of the chambers

  • evaluates damaged and diseased tissue or other physical irregularities

  • monitors any surgical repairs, pacemakers, or effects of drugs used to treat existing heart conditions



“Dinamika Medicine” - the digital analyzer of biorhythms – is a hardware-software complex, intended to analyze human heart and brain rhythms extracted from an electrocardiosignal in the broadband frequency. The system is based on a new information analysis technology of non-linear signals of a different physical nature – a socalled "Fractal Neurodynamics".

Designing the system, the latest achievements in theoretical and clinical medicine and physiology were used, and a number of new highly informative health evaluating indices are offered.


System Capabilities

  • ECG registration in any standard lead and real-time monitoring of the functional condition parameters.

  • Blood pressure measuring while ECG registration.

  • Self-regulation level estimating in the biological feedback mode.

  • Screening and diagnostics of the functional condition of a patient.

  • Dynamical monitoring of changes of the functional conditions parameters – health calendar and clock.

  • Daily forecast of the psycho-physical activity in the “biological clock” mode.

  • Estimation of the cardiovascular condition and neuro-humoral regulation according to the “golden section” on the ECG timing parameters.

  • Estimation of the vegetative regulation parameters using statistic, time and spectral methods of heart rhythms analysis.

  • Estimation of the central regulation parameters and the endocrine system by the methods of neurodynamics analysis of the human biological rhythms.

  • Estimation of the psycho-physical condition o f the patient by the methods of the phase analysis and the brain biorhythms mappings.

  • Estimation degree of a harmonization of biorhythms of an organism and evaluation of an information parameter of the immune status by the fractal analysis method.

  • Controllable psycho-physiological therapy (“the dope effect”) in the biological feedback mode.


Application Areas

The profile medical research institutes, hospitals, private clinics, first-aid posts of the industrial enterprises and establishments:

  • dynamic observation over parameters of the functional condition of a patient during therapeutic treatment;

  • selecting schemes and optimization of the different methods of treatment;

  • multi-functional monitoring in surgeries, resuscitations and intensive care chambers;

  • monitoring and forecast of the functional condition parameters during an aftertreatment.


Polyclinics, centers of preventive medicine, studies of functional diagnostics, private medical studies:

  • express-diagnostics of the functional and psychophysical condition of a patient with printing of a computer report by results of survey;

  • detection of the patients requiring for additional clinical survey at the doctors in profile medical establishments;

  • detection of the patients of an oncology types, including at early stages of disease;

  • evaluation of effectiveness of traditional and non-conventional methods of therapy during a treatment.


The scientific - practical centers of sports medicine, sports clubs, sports schools, health centers:

  • Express - monitoring of acclimatization of the sportsman to exercise stresses training level and power resources estimation;

  • Evaluation of a level of a self-regulation in the “biological feedback” mode and monitoring of the psychoemotional condition of a sportsman during competitions;

  • Dynamic observation over parameters of the sports form during post-trauma aftertreatment and during bolstering and corrective medicament and physiotherapeutic treatment.