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For a better description of what is specifically obtained by this bioresonant diagnostics, several examples of diagnostic practice using bioresonance and other methods are followed in order to solve certain health problems.

The female client (53 years old) complains of chronic persistent pain in the area of ​​the hand, as well as painfully limited thumb movements on both sides. She regularly takes her treatment for diabetes and high blood pressure. She states that her blood sugar levels are highly variable and in the range around 20 mmol/L. She reports fatique, mood swings, impulsivity. Bioresonant examination confirmed carpal syndrome, impaired pancreatic function (diabetes), hypertension, irritability and hypersensitivity of the mucous membrane of the GI tract, as well as the load of the immune, endocrine and locomotive system, with emphasis on joints and indication of polyarthritis. After appropriate and targeted medical and Bioresonant therapeutic procedures, the pain in the area of ​​the wrists and thumbs was drastically reduced and removed, and the movements of the same areas were unlimited and painless. The blood sugar levels were stabilized and reduced to 9 mmol/L, with the tendency of moving towards reference values. The objective condition of the patient was significantly improved, where she stated that she is generally and subjectively feeling much better, which was confirmed by the results of a general and Bioresonant control examination.

The client (56 years old) complains of cough, difficulty breathing, fatigue, discomfort and occasional chest pain. She is hypertensive and takes regular treatment for high blood pressure. A general and bioresonant examination confirmed chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, initial bronchitis, sinusitis, and significantly increased concentration, i.e. the presence of staphylococci in the respiratory tract (the airways). Irritability and sensitivity of mucous membrane of the stomach, as well as reduced and difficult circulation at the level of blood vessels of the neck (carotid), more to the left were detected too. After appropriate therapeutic procedures, recommendations and advice, the patient's objective condition was stabilized; the symptoms were stopped, as it was confirmed by the screening.

The client (32 years old) reports that during the last six months he had noticed an occasional occurrence of fresh blood in the stool, occasional and uncommon abdominal pain. He denies other disorders and symptoms, as well as earlier illnesses, he doesn’t take any therapy. With bioresonant examination hemorrhoids are confirmed, as well as chronic irritability, inflammation of mucous membrane of the stomach - gastritis. No pathogenic microorganisms had been identified. By appropriate therapeutic procedures and recommendations, the symptoms were first reduced and then stopped. Advice was has been given in terms of control and possible additional diagnostics and therapy.

The client (42 years old) comes with a goal of reducing weight. An overview of the bioresonant scan showed the presence of parasite in the liver, a large number of allergens and intolerance to milk and milk products, as well as the presence of toxins in tissues. The client received a recommendation for detoxification of the organism, as well as a nutrition and supplementation plan. After four months, during the follow-up examination, an improvement in the overall state of the organism was ascertained by 56%, and the client lost 20 kilograms.

The client (65 years old) comes for digestive problems. For six months she feels very bloated, with burning sensation in the stomach and acid recovery. It is bad and whatever she eats feels like stones in the stomach. The examination showed the presence of active Helicobacter pylori, severe inflammation of the stomach with initial changes in the structure, intolerance to wheat, beetroot and spinach, and allergy to citrus fruits. In addition, the presence of parasites in the digestive system was found. The client received instructions on the nutrition and supplements that she sticked to for three months. The control confirmed an 85% improvement in gastric mucosal state, with a much better general condition -client no longer felt the pain in the stomach and regained a good appetite.

The client (32 years old) comes with the problem of irregular periods with multiple unsuccessful attempts of conception. The bioresonant examination discovered the presence of an increased amount of active Candida (Candida glabrata) in the area of bowels, allergy to wheat and celiac disease as one of the possible processes. The client received instructions on diet and supplements, with the main instruction to remove gluten from the diet, to take a therapeutic amount of probiotic cultures of bacteria, and to cleanse the body from Candida with a special diet. After three weeks, the client came to follow up examination, before the first therapy, after following the instructions for 19 days. The finding of tissue status showed an improvement of 40 to 60% and a weakening of Candida.